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Testimonials-Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture

 Angela D. , Sales Rep. 

“As a smoker, I started to see the signs of ageing.

Young Kwon offered to combine my acupuncture facial rejuve­nation treatments with smoking therapy treatment.

My skin looks 10years younger after 8 treatments. Quitting smoking has been a challenge though.

I have cut back to about 5cigs a day-but not completely yet.

I still have a few more to go and hopefully I will stop smoking be­fore the end of treatments.

My skin results are amazing and I highly recommend these treatments.

Thank you so much Young Kwon!!”


 Jolanta K., Librarian

“I came to Young Kwon’s clinic in May 2011. I found out about cosmetic acupuncture at the office. I also read about this treatment on internet and in some maga­zines.

When I first visited I was not in a good shape. I just wanted to hide from people so they would not see me without makeup.

I guess my face showed that I was always fatigue, lethargic, had headaches, bad cramps in my legs especially at night, my one arm was sore for the last 5 years from working at the computer(physiotherapy did not help) I also had some back pain and very low blood pressure.

I was sad. My facial skin had no healthy color, showed many discolorations mostly from break­outs, scratching and squeezing constantly trying to “clean the pores” and leaving my skin even in worse condition.

After first treatment with Oriental Medicine Practitioner Young Kwon I felt so being taken care of. I knew after the first visit that I wanted to continue with treatments.

I felt relaxed and hopeful. Each treatment left me look­ing and feeling better. I have noticed real changes af­ter four treatments.

My face started to have a healthier color, skin texture was smoother, and I had no dry spots. I still had though my discolorations and clogged pores. But my arm did not hurt anymore (I still can’t believe it), no cramps in my legs.

Tomorrow is my 12th treat­ment last one and I’m very happy! I can say I’m pretty again. My skin looks healthy. The skin tone really im­proved.

I have no breakouts and discolorations faded to the point that I catch myself smiling when I look in the mirror. I can also see that I look younger but it is a subtle change.

My friend who I work with told me that my skin looks amazing while we were chatting outside in the parking lot. I have more energy and I need less time to get ready in the morning.

Young Kwon is very pro­fessional, caring, knowledgeable and skillful. He gives his full attention to his patients during the treatments. He does not waste one minute of his patients’ time.

Thank you very much Young Kwon. I wish there were more practitioners like you.”